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What is Getmii?

More than an app, we’re a community.

We are thousands of people worldwide who help each other when we need things. Whatever you need: a language tutor, a travel buddy, some quick advice - Getmii broadcasts to the 1,000 ppl nearest you.

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Our Ambassador Program

Join our squad, and get hands-on real world experience in a start-up enviroment! Many of us work across borders, between classes, in different languages. We have a big vision, and are looking for people who share our motivation.

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We're Looking For People Who

  •   Are passionate about technology
  •   Embrace new opportunities and challenges
  •   Are tech-savy
  •   Can spread the Getmii love
  •   Love making new friends :)
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What You Get

  • Be part of a startup from the beginning
  • Join our worldwide community
  • 1-on-1 mentoring with real people from the startup world
  • We'll help you learn to code, if that's your thing
  • Official recognition to put "tech" on your resume
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